Harvest Dispensaries Enter California Marijuana

Harvest Marijuana Dispensaries in California

Strategic acquisition and a new license enable Harvest Enterprises Inc. to become even more successful as the company expands its business presence into California. Originally located In Arizona, the company has one of the largest cannabis market footprints in the US. Business remains thriving because of the of the company’s superb customer service and marketing strategies.

Experience Harvest Enterprises, Inc. of California

The company’s latest markets are being located in three key cannabis market in California: Napa, Moreno Valley, and Merced. The cannabis lovers in California can look forward to enjoying the services of one of the most experience as well as one of the largest license holders in the entire United States. Harvest Enterprises also remains one of the most experience cannabis operators, with more than 40 dispensary licenses in eight states.

Harvest’s New California Locations

The Harvest company acquired a controlling interest a dispensary in the City of Napa to get a foothold in the cannabis industry of that wine country. This new branch of the company is called Harvest of Napa. Harvest Enterprises also was awarded one of eight licenses available in the richly populated area of Moreno Valley. This Riverside County dispensary remains located near the city of Riverside, as well as close to the university city of Redlands. In the company’s third license score, a highly sought after a license was awarded to the central valley city of Merced, California to give the thriving Harvest Enterprises a secure footprint and base in various areas of California.

Harvest’s CEO Steve White announced the expansion of his company into Northern California, Central Valley California, and Southern California in three new locations. This recent expansion makes the current development into one of America’s most populous areas in America a crucial next step into the company’s growth strategy.

The History and Successes of Harvest Enterprises, Inc.

Harvest Enterprises, Inc was founded in 2012 in Arizona. Now it has the largest market share in the state and is the third largest medical cannabis provider in this state in one of the oldest regulated marijuana markets in the world. After a successful start, Harvest Enterprises continues to grown and thrive, offering continued revenue increases and expanded locations in seven states besides the most recent positions in California. More expansions and locations are planned by the year 2020 as Harvest continues to grow their business footprint to new locations.

Harvest continues to hold itself to the most stringent health, quality and safety standards in the industry. These high standards are a significant reason why the company continues to be a leader in the cannabis industry. Some of the unique offerings of the Harvest company for adult users include the sale of cannabis products such as:

• Cannabis flower.
• Cannabis oils.
• And the Dream Steam Vaporizer.

Harvest Enterprises remains a proud supporter of veterans, children, patients in need and many other charities who need support. For more information, visit https://www.harvestinc.com/ for more information about the company and the charities it supports.

More About Harvest Enterprises, Inc

Harvest Enterprises operates one of the profitable cannabis companies in the US. The company provides industry-leading cultivation, manufacturing, and retail cannabis facilities. They excel in using technology, construction techniques, and operational expertise to give their customers the best services possible in medical cannabis use. Harvest shares updates with the media and its customers on a regular basis to keep these interested parties apprised of significant new events within the company.

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